Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Jess' Quotes

One of my friends, Jess, traveled to Ghana for global leadership. She recently passed on these words of wisdom to me. I thought I would share them with you too, I think that they will be helpful to me while working in Germany. My mini-mantra's, words to live by.

“Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness.” -- Travel as a Political Act, Homecoming, pg 197

“On returning from a major trip, you sense that your friends and co-workers have stayed the same, but you're...different.” -- Travel as a Political Act, Homecoming, pg 197

“Many people have the resources to travel, but live within a social circle where travel means Las Vegas and Walt Disney World.” -- Travel as a Political Act, Homecoming, pg 200

“In deciding to travel, you are seizing the opportunity to stretch your mind and heart, risking the unknown for he sake of a richer life.” -- The World Awaits, pg 3

“Despite the fact that nearly everyone else in the world recognizes them as Americans, many of them still insist on labeling themselves as “just individuals” or “a mixture of cultures.” -- Intercultural Communication: A Current Perspective, pg 4

“What this student was describing is a circular or contextual discussion style. It is favored not only by many Africans but also typically by people of Latin, Arab, and Asian cultures.” -- Intercultural Communication: A Current Perspective, pg 20
“This planet is home to billions of equally lovable children of God.” -- Travel as a Political Act, Introduction
“Imagine that you loved books and one day the librarian mentioned that there was an upstairs.” -- Travel as a Political Act, Introduction

“Travel changes truths that we were raised thinking were self evident and God Given.” -- Travel as a Political Act, Introduction

“At home in your room, look at the four straight walls, the airtight windows, the door on the hinges. You have unpacked your bags, placed photos from Thailand by your bedside. Look at yourself, so strangely clean. And wonder if you ever left at all.” -- Tripping Through Thailand, pg 91

“Will I regurgitate or salivate at the thought of eating the flesh of a cow or of a kitten?” -- Culture: A Perceptual Approach, pg 98

It means treat lovingly. We don't say 'I love you' directly like that...

So what would you say to someone you love?


You would never say 'I love you.'

Sonam thought for a moment.......

Do you think people love each other more in English because they go around saying 'I love you'.” . -- Sikkimese Lessons, pg 20
“Despite the rough conditions it was(an) absolutely awesome way to experience the journey.” -- Sarah Wheeler

“Just as I could say, 'that's a heart, that's a lung.' we go through life saying ' I must be in love,” 'oh, this is seasickness,' ' This is an orgasm.' 'This is a midlife crisis.' We are ready with culturally constructed labels long before we encounter the realities, even to the point of saying. 'This is a heart attack, I must be dying...” -- Improvisation in a Persian Garden, pg unknown

“But there is always more in any episode, much of it at the very edge of awareness, most of it in flux...” -- Improvisation in a Persian Garden

Learning to savor the vertigo of doing without answers or making shift and making do with fragmentary ones opens up the pleasures of recognizing and playing with pattern, finding coherence within complexity, sharing within multiplicity...” -- Improvisation in a Persian Garden

“With so many layers of possibility, there was room for a great deal of learning.” -- Improvisation in a Persian Garden

“Back when they took place, I did not understand the full significance of these experiences and lessons they imparted nor did I realize where they fit into the larger story that it is my privilege to tell here.” -- Greg Mortenson, Stones into Schools, Introduction
“The real purpose of my visit; however, was to learn.” -- Stones into Schools, pg 51
“We invoked the most powerful argument we have at our disposal, which I sometimes think of as the carpe diem appeal.” -- Stones into Schools, pg 235
“Up until this point, the idea of crashing was something I had never even considered.” -- Stones into Schools, pg 240
“What was accomplished at Bonzi Gumbas had nothing whatsoever to do with me. A fact that for a time, I must now admit, was not easy for me to accept.” -- Stones into Schools, pg 376
“Is this is what the weakest, the least valued, the most neglected among us are capable of achieving, truly is there anything we cannot achieve?” -- Stones into Schools 378


  1. I love these quotes! They're so much more relate-able now than they would have been before!

    1. I know what you mean. She shared these with me around the time that I got here, a few weeks into my stay actually and they've been really inspirational. I did do some editing since a lot of her quotes dealt strictly with Ghana though.