Tuesday, April 10, 2012

First Post

I can't believe it's finally happening! For months now (most of Fall and Spring 2012semesters) I have been applying for work in Germany with no luck ... Honestly I was beginning to lose all hope that this would EVER happen to me ... Then I got this e-mail! (Eek!):

Hi Mrs. Elser,

I get your application for an internship from my colleague Tanja Spieker. We can offer you an internship in our marketing department from7.5.2012 to 14.12.2012.

Attached you will find the contract and further information. We also need some documents for your employment.

I can support you to find a flat. I have a list with addresses and e-mails so you can get in contact with the renter.

I hope to welcome you in our team.

I wish you a nice weekend.
Best regards,
Silvia Grote

Could this be real?!?! I really got it?! REALLY?! I couldn't contain my excitement, but I still had classes to attend and paperwork to fill out. Now, it's getting more real by the second! Two weeks and I will be departing my beloved Houghton, MI heading downstate for a week with family and on May 1st, I fly into Frankfurt, Germany to begin this new adventure.

I’ll be keeping this blog to keep my friends at Michigan Tech updated on my adventures and travels! Hopefully I will be posting at least once a week but give me a break if I don’t, I’ll be on my own adventures in a foreign country for gosh sake!

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