Thursday, April 12, 2012

It's Real!

I've been doing all kinds of paperwork over the past few weeks and this trip is getting more and more real by the day, hour, gosh, even second. Visa paperwork, apartment application, international driving permit, work contract, bank account paperwork.. It never ends!

Only 10 days until I leave Houghton and 20 until I leave the country! I'm sure that I'll have a lot more to post as soon as I get into Germany and meet up with family / move into my apartment.

I'll be living on a college campus in Paderborn, Germany so hopefully I will meet many people my age that I can create lifelong friendships with. Check out the college campus I'll be living at here.

FHDW in Paderborn
In October 1993, the FHDW in Paderborn opened their study operations and they now offer dual bachelor's degree programs in business, international business, business law, and computer science. With the quarterly change between theory and practice at the University secure the students the best opportunities in the labor market.

At its locations in Paderborn and Bielefeld, Eastern Westphalia, the FHDW has graduated about 1,700 graduates in professional and managerial positions in business. In the context of gifted education finance for local companies, up to 20 high school graduates are selected to study at the FHDW.

Master's and MBA programs round out the curriculum and provide excellent in-service continuing education opportunities, to cope with future challenges in top management.

Part-time undergraduate degree programs in business administration and computer science are offered at the FHDW in Bielefeld as well.

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