Thursday, August 30, 2012

London, the End of a Journey


Tuesday was our last full day in London so we decided to see some of the things we wanted to see the whole trip but put off for whatever reason. The first item on the agenda was the Changing of the Guard. When we got to Buckingham Palace, nearly 45 minutes before the Changing of the Guard was supposed to begin, we realized how much of a tourist trap it was. There were people EVERYWHERE trying to catch a glimpse. Because of that, we didn't get to see too much in way of the actual event and decided instead, since we had both seen it before, to wander over to Hyde park. I did, however, catch a few photos.

As we walked toward Hyde Park the horse guard passed us on the street. We had a clear view of the majestic horses and their riders and I was glad we walked slowly to our destination so we didn't miss it.

Once we arrived in Hyde Park, Katharina wanted to see Speaker's Corner so we followed the signs that lead there. Of course, we got lost, but after asking for help, we found our way. Since it was Monday, and these days there isn't any speakers there except on Sundays, we just walked around a bit and saw the cement monument to events that happened there in the past. We were both a bit hungry so we bought bananas from a street vendor and hopped on the Tube to go to Earls Court where I could find Landlord Ale the one that I was asked to write a review on.

When we arrived at Earl's Court, I had no idea where to go from there so I asked in a few shops and finally a woman told me I could buy it at Sainsbury's. Sainsbury's is a large chain grocery store found all over London. Who-da-thunk-it, I could have bought it nearly anywhere. I bought four bottles, one for me, one for Keegan, one for Ray (Keegan's dad) and one for my Uncle Chris (it can't hurt to get another writer's opinion on it... right?) Now I just need to figure out how to mail it state-side. I also haven't had a chance to try the one I bought for me because I want to drink it as I write about it. I think that way it will be fresh in my memory, so look for the post coming soon!

After finally buying the beer, Katharina and I stopped to buy sandwiches and hopped on the Tube back to Chris and Anne's house so we could pack up our things a bit before heading out to see Wicked! I love that musical and even though I had already seen it, I was really excited to see it again!

We packed our bags up so that we could leave at 3 AM and I edited a paper for a friend of Katharina's. She apparently wants to be an English teacher in Germany and she just wanted me to look over it for grammatical errors and such. When I was finished, I changed into my lime green pants and a black top and Katharina and I headed into the city to get dinner before the show.

Once we were in the city, we decided against dinner and just went for drinks. We both had cider (apparently all the UK is known for in Germany) and I had a pint while Katharina had a half a pint. We went across the street and were let into the theater for the show. We were literally in the last possible row of seats, which I expected for having bought such cheap tickets, but Katharina was a bit upset I think.

The show was fabulous, though I think the first time I saw it was a bit better, but then again, each group puts their own spin on things. When the show was over, we headed back to Chris and Anne's and I mad grilled cheese for Katharina and me. Man is it good having a full kitchen again, even if only for a short while.

Since we were leaving a 3 AM and we didn't finish eating until about midnight, I stayed up and read my book and drank a VERY large cup of coffee while Katharina went upstairs to sleep a bit. 

I woke Katharina up at around 2:45 AM and we gathered our things and went downstairs. I wrote a quick note to Chris and Anne thanking them for letting us stay there, and we were off to the airport. Of course, we were early since there was no traffic but we checked in our bags and were off to grab some coffee then find the gate.


Once we made it through security, we couldn't find the gate we were departing from and I was told we had to wait for them to announce it because they didn't know yet. Great organization here, as you can see.

Since we had time I looked into a shop and wound up buying the deodorant that Aunt Sarah suggested and mom wanted. Then I changed my left over GBP back into Euros. Finally, after what felt like an eternity as I was running on no sleep, we found out our gate number, rushed there and boarded. Luckily, I didn't have a creepy guy sit next to me on this flight! Woo! 

I creeped right back!
Once we were back in Dortmund, we waited for the bus back to the train station. Since we had to pay on the way there, the ticket was also good for the trip back and we hopped on with no issues. Our train back was long but uneventful, save for the albino Asian boy who kept staring at us.

Back in Paderborn finally, we waited for a bus back toward Schloss Neuhaus (Katharina left her car at work and the BIB uses the same bus.) I hopped off at the BIB, went to my room and collapsed into bed. Of course, I didn't sleep then, it was only 11 AM or something like that.

I spent a lot of time online then decided to go shopping for food and such since I had nothing to eat here then I came back, ate, and crashed for the night. I had to work on Thursday after all.


  1. Very cool adventure! I'd be happy to pay for shipping and the beers, let me know how. And most importantly, have fun!

    1. Don't even worry about it! I have things to send for Keegan's birthday still haha. Maybe I'll send it home so he can get it at Thanksgiving..?