Monday, August 13, 2012

More Stats, Thanks to Viewers Like You!

I thought I would share some more stats from my blog since I find it so interesting. I haven't been writing much but hopefully tonight I can get back into it. I have a lot to write about Berlin and Wednesday Katharina and I will fly to London for a week! I can't wait!


Post Views

Traffic Sources 1 & 2 -- They wouldn't fit readily on one page so, I did two screen shots.


I haven't really decided which information I find the most interesting. I think it's cool to see how many people are viewing the blog, a bit like a pat on the back for putting the work in on this time consuming project. Also, it's interesting to see where people are coming from to get to the blog, not only their physical location but also the channels that they must go through to find them. The keyword search section is pretty darn cool for that reason.

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