Thursday, September 27, 2012

More Stats!

It's been a while since I've updated you on my stats and, well I'm interested to compare the last ones to this weeks.

I have had more page views today (12) than the last time I posted stats (5) but in the last month I have had 979 page views and the previous post I had 1291 page views in the past month.

Stuttgart for the Long Weekend took the top spot with 28 views over Long Time Gone with 26 views. I'm not sure how this stats section works though because My recent post about Nuremberg has less views than some others. Maybe it only shows the more recent ones along with the single with the most views.

Referring URLs are from Google for the most part and that hasn't changed. Less views from CouchSurfing are seen than in the past (I have a link on my CS profile to reach my blog.) Stuttgart is still the main keyword used in locating my blog (to reach images presumably.)

My views in IE and Firefox both went down in % while the views in Chrome and Safari both went up in %, I blame this on classes being in session and more friends of mine readin up on campus. Many people in the HDMZ use Safari while on the Mac's. Though now that I look closer, the users on Mac's has gone down in % as well, so I'm not sure.

The US and Germany are still holding strong in pageviews but the other countries have changed completely from Sweden, Spain, Netherlands, Bulgaria, Poland, India, Italy, and Austria to Indonesia, Sewwden, Spain, The UK, Canada, India, Croatia, and Latvia.

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