Monday, October 1, 2012

That’s a Fact: Germans Like to be Naked in Public Places.

The first place I noticed this was while at a swimming pool with my cousins near Frankfurt. After the bath, everybody goes to the common showers. And surprise: Germans take it naked! And being the only girl in swimsuit, around all those bare naked girls, can make you feel a little uncomfortable. Not only that, women and men sunbathe naked all the time to get that "all-over-even" color. It's not that I want to stare, it's just hard not to. At least I didn't take any pictures!

Some buildings even have saunas! You may think: Lucky them! But…They never go there, because everybody is naked, and it is girls and boys together (but some days are also only for women). Bathing suits are litterally not allowed in some bath houses. Some people even bring alcohol into the sauna and have parties there! And the mixture of alcohol + 70° room it is a really bad idea!

During the summer, people from Germany also love to get some sun in the parks. They want to be tan, but off course without marks. The solution:  they just do it totally naked. In some places in Germany, nudism is even allowed, but actually there seems to be naked people in a lot of parks. It's an interesting moment when you have your first experience. You don't have a clue that it's coming and... BAM... All the sudden it's there in your face. Sometimes literally. And really, this isn't even just a summer thing, people do it until the beginning of October! I'm sure I'll never forget those two naked men playing Frisbee in front of everybody.

So yes, Germans are really comfortable with their body, and good for them. But still, for a foreigner it is always a disturbing experience when you are not prepared.

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