Sunday, October 21, 2012

What To Do in Copenhagen..?

Copenhagen is filled with attractions that highlight both Danish history and contemporary culture. With numerous castles and religious monuments, the city primarily appeal is to travelers who love history; however, Copenhagen boasts plenty of museums, parks and shops that will appeal to almost any interest.

Tivoli Gardens

The Tivoli Gardens -- located on the western edge of Indre nearby the Central Train Station -- are by far one of the most popular attractions in Copenhagen. Home to several lush flower gardens, shimmering lakes, several restaurants and cafés, performance venues and even an amusement park, it's no wonder travel writers are quick to sing Tivoli's praises.


Copenhagen is littered with castles, many of which are located in Indre By within walking distance of one another. For a glimpse at the life of Danish Royals, head to Rosenborg Castle where the Crown Jewels are displayed, or to Amalienborg Palace where the royal family currently resides. Other popular palaces include Frederiksberg Castle in the western neighborhood of Frederiksberg, or Kronborg Castle, the setting for Hamlet, which sits north of central Copenhagen.

The city is also filled with museums, showcasing everything from art to the history of the Denmark's role in World War II, which offer the perfect solution to a rainy day.


Denmark is famous for design and craftsmanship, and Copenhagen is littered with stores selling authentic Danish furniture, crystal and porcelain. If it's antiques you're interested in, take a stroll along the Strøget, one of Europe's most renowned shopping streets, which runs directly through Indre By. You can also find many antiques at the numerous flea markets -- such as the Israel Plads Flea Market and the Kongens Nytorv Flea Market -- held throughout the Inner City.

The city is also known for its art galleries, most of which are located across the canal from Inner City in Holmen and Islands Brygge.

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