Friday, October 12, 2012



I arrived in Berlin Hbf later than planned and worried I wouldn't make my connecting train but I was early and hopped on, unfortunately  there was a tree on the tracks so we were delayed even longer. I hadn't had lunch and just barely had time to grab a soda from a machine on my way to the train so I sipped on that as I waited.

After an hour and forty five minutes we finally left and I was on my way to Hannover. Because of the delay, DB (the train company) gave one free, non-alcoholic, to each passenger. I figured I wouldn't make it to the "bord bistro" or on board cafe in time but I did and got a Cappuccino.

Finally we were driving and I arrive in Hannover. Apparently this is a major hub for the trains in the area and there were people everywhere! I told my host I was there and he sent me a PDF with directions to his place. How did I forget to print that before?

I took bus 121 four stops and got off where he met me and we went to his place. It's always good to get the heavy backpack off and we just relaxed a bit and talked for a while before making pizza for dinner. Then we ate and had wine while watching TV, his couch pulled out into a queen sized bed and I slept the best I have in a long time.



I woke up and showered then Christoph and I had breakfast. He had a cold so  he said he couldn't show me the city but then he wound up taking me to the new city hall and we saw the display of the city's progression from 1600 something to present.


Then, for two euros (the student price), we went up to the top to see the city from above. We had a few  flights of stairs but then we took an elevator the rest of the way. Only five people were allowed in at once so we waited in a line and finally went up. The elevator to the top doesn't follow a straight line and rather shifts from the left at the bottom to right at the top. It was an interesting experience and I believe the only one in Europe of its kind.

I could see the whole city from above and took some photos but it was cold and windy so we went down and Christoph drove me to the train station where I me with Thorsten from work and his friend.

We went to the university and a medieval festival where we had some beers and talked to his friends for a while then we went back to the city and I did some shopping and bought some things from H&M and a Hannover 96 hoodie.

Thorsten and friend had plans to go to the soccer game so they went there and I went back to get my bag from Christoph's. We talked for a few minutes and I packed my things into my bag and was on my way.

I took the metro to the train station and was on my way back to Paderborn. When I got to Paderborn I had to wait for my bus to arrive to take me home but I ran into a friend from the B.I.B. while waiting and hopped on and went to my stop and got off and walked home to relax.
I took Monday off work too so I could relax and recoup from the trip. I was in bed until 1 PM and it was glorious.

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