Thursday, October 11, 2012



When I arrived in Warsaw my host Michael was waiting for me on the platform which I wasn't expecting but it was welcome. He told me he was feeling much better and was on medicine so he wasn't contagious anymore. We went back to his place for tea and he showed me some maps and what I should see in the city.

Michael and I then went for lunch and I had a panini (chicken and tomato) and he had a chicken crepe and then a chocolate crepe. We then parted ways, I took the metro to the old city and wandered on foot for a while and found a castle and some museums and a cool fountain.

I met some Brits and wandered with them for a bit but wound up heading back around 6 PM when it began raining. It was cold and windy in Warsaw and I wasn't really expecting that. I got to Michael's and we talked and had some more tea then went for a walk to the Palace on The Water, a famous castle in Warsaw that was the residence of the first king to move to Warsaw from Krakow. It was absolutely beautiful all lit up at night.

The park leading to the palace also didn't have any lamps to light the paths but there were tea lights inside small holders all along the walk way. How romantic! When we were done and thoroughly cold, we went back to his place and had dinner, a typical cold sandwich dinner, and then I showered and we talked then sleep finally came.
 Again I was on an air mattress for the night had this one had a slow leak only on one side so the side I slept on was fine all night but the other side was deflated in the morning.


I woke up at about 8:30 AM and I think it was the latest I had slept in a long time, or at least on this vacation. I had breakfast and tea then Michael took me to the train station and I got on my train to Berlin. The woman next to me spoke English so we talked a bit at the beginning but I was a five hour trip so we didn't talk too long and we fell into silence, She got off later but she didn't stay on the whole trip to Berlin.

When the conductor came around I was ready to pay for the trip to the border but he didn't ask me to pay so I thought I was getting off free but of course he came back and I had to pay. I'm not upset though because a trip from Warsaw to Berlin cost me about 20 Euros. Not bad.

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