Sunday, November 11, 2012

Göttingen: Another unplanned stop

Marilena and I woke up and got ready because it was her Oma’s birthday and we had to go to Kassel to celebrate with her family. I must have some really good timing though because I was also there for a visit for her Opa's birthday. Neither was planned in advance.

We had a small breakfast and hung out on the computer in front of the TV (like true youngins from our generation) with her roommate Roos (pronounced Rose) and Roos' boyfriend. After relaxation for a while, we drove to Kassel where we had Chinese food at a buffet.

Everyone was a bit surprised to see me so soon as I hadn’t seen them since 2007 the last time and now it was twice in one year! None the less I was warmly greeted with hugs and kisses though. After lunch we said our goodbyes and Marilena and I went to her parent’s house for a coffee. Of course, my favorite drooling cat was there too!

Then we went to see her horses and drop off some food and stuff for them. She has the same horses as the last time I was there, not that I expected her to have different horses really, just hadn't heard anything about them in a while.

It was getting late and we were a ways from the train station so Marilena drove me back and dropped me off, I hopped on a train to go home and was on my way. I had to make a change but my train was running a bit late, luckily the next train waited for us because I think the train I had to get on was the last one for the night.

The trip didn't take too long and I was in Paderborn again. I only had to wait for 6 minutes for the bus to take me home too! I spent a while on my computer and before I knew it the time was already past midnight and I went to bed.  

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