Thursday, November 8, 2012

Plan one Lindau, Plan two Augsburg

 I woke up and made tea for Eva and I and again we talked a lot. I even delivered her tea in bed to which she informed me that I was invited to live with her forever. I still hadn't found a host in Lindau or Augsburg which was the city of choice to replace Lindau. But I thought, at least Augsburg is a larger city so I could find a hostel without an issue when necessary. Eva and I said goodbye and I got on a tram to go to the station.

While I was at the train station I received an email from a host from Australia who was living in Augsburg and he could host me! Awesome! I got on a train and went to Karlsruhe where I would need to switch trains to go to Augsburg and finally after a few short hours, I arrived in Augsburg.

My host couldn't meet me until 8:45 PM and I was there at 2 PM so I had a long time to wait to meet. I went into the city with my bag and walked around but there really wasn't anything to see since it was a Monday and all museums in Augsburg are closed on Mondays. I went back to the train station and locked my bag in a locker and went back into the city.

I wandered and saw some churches and had some food in a small cafe then went to meet Andrew at the Irish pub for a quiz night he participated in each week. He had friends there from all over and wouldn't you know it there was a girl from Michigan. I usually say I'm from Detroit when people ask because I know no one knows where Milford is but I said Milford when she asked and she was from Commerce! That's so close!

After four rounds of questions, a beer, and my team not doing so well, Andrew and I walked back to his home, we decided to stay up and talk a bit but before we knew it, 1 AM had rolled around and we decided to go to bed.

I woke up to the sound of a ringing like a telephone and honestly nearly jumped out of my skin! It turned out to be someone at the door who I later found out was Andrews German girlfriend. She came upstairs and we talked and hung out a bit before they went for a morning run together.

The kitchen from the couch
While they were out running I showered and read some then they were home causing me to jump again at the phone ringing noise that was the doorbell. We sat together and had breakfast and I even had the opportunity to try Vegemite for the first time (Andrew is from Australia.) Around 12:00 PM I left the house and went into the city because Andrew had to work at 1 PM and him and his girlfriend were getting cutsie and I wanted to give them some alone time.

I started by going into the Rathaus and for 1€ I could go up and see the golden room where there was a sort of classical concert going on. I got some weird looks just walking around and so I took some photos and I left to walk in the city more.

I stopped in some churches and even went to the oldest social settlement in the world the Fuggerei. The Fuggerei was built to provide homes for poor Catholics and is one of the oldest welfare settlements in the world. Jacob Fugger financed the project in the 16th century and this town within a town is still home to 150 Catholic Augsburgers. Many of the 140 apartments have been modernised but the exterior is pretty much unchanged, with the original bell pulls beside each door. For centuries the rent has remained at one Rhenish Gilder (€1 today) per year, plus utilities and three daily prayers. Yes residents are required to pray three times a day to live there. Sound management means the Fugger Foundation is still going strong, despite the global economic downturn.
Inside the Fuggerei there was a bunker from WWII with an exhibit on the building and management of the bunker as well as it's use. I couldn't help but to think how weird it would be to live in a museum like the 140 residents of the Fuggerei did.

When I was finished I went back into the city and found another church where there was an organ concert so I sat and enjoyed I for a bit (the same song I remember playing at day care during nap time!)

I went into the city again and found a yarn shop where I bought some wool and needles so I could knit on my trip. I decided to felt a new purse for Lexi for either her birthday or christmas. I walked around the city more and found the Augsburger Puppenkiste (puppets that were used in a TV show for children in Germany comparable to Sesame Street in the US.) 

It is located at the former Heilig-Geist-Spital in the historic center of Augsburg. Since 1948, the "Augsburger Puppenkiste" had been producing theatrical adaptations of fairy tales and serious pieces. In 1953, it began producing television series and gained nation-wide prominence with productions, such as Jim Knopf und Lukas der Lokomotivführer and Urmel aus dem Eis.

Many classical fairy tales are played in the Puppenkiste, not only from the Brothers Grimm but also tales from One thousand and One Nights or Wilhelm Hauff. For decades, plays like Aladdin and his Wonderful Lamp, Little Longnose or Mother Hulda are performed, often new adaptions/ productions are staged. The most popular plays Räuber Hotzenplotz (1966) or The Little Witch (1971) – both created by Otfried Preußler – are put on stage unchanged since their first production.

I went back to another church where there was a children’s chior performing then went back to Andrews place, he wouldn't be home until 9 PM but he said his roommate might be home at 7 PM so I took a chance and went back because I was cold and tired.

Mitch was home and had another Italian friend over, he let me in and I sat on the couch to read while him and his friend were in his room.

Eventually him and his friend came out and we talked, they were shocked when I told them it's usually considered rude to ask an American who they did or would vote for because in Italy if you don't talk about it people think you have something to hide. It's strange to see even these small differences in the cultures through CouchSurfing. And to think Mitch isn't even a member of CouchSurfing. I'm glad that Andrew has showed hims the site though becasue Mitch has a lot to share.

After a bit, Mitch's friend left and Andrew came home, Andrew cooked himself dinner and we relaxed and talked for a few hours before he finally went to bed and I did the same. While the couch doesn't look 100% inviting, it was quite comfortable to sleep on.

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  1. I think that couch is inviting more than one sleeper. How roomy. And also that kitchen is adorable and I want to eat there.