Friday, July 13, 2012

Blog Stats on Friday the 13th

I may be the only person who finds this interesting, but Blogger (the Google extension that I use to create this blog) gives you some pretty cool information on the users who view the site. My blog doesn't have any literal followers, probably because people don't use Blogger much and prefer a site like WordPress which two friends of mine are using currently.

I thought I'd share the information I found today with you since I have been picking through it a lot lately and I am truly fascinated.

I know Paris is a big deal, but it surprised me a bit that this particular post got so much more traffic than the others. It's not even the post about what I did in Paris. Also, lets all take some time to appreciate that I have 1832 page views on this blog, with only 34 posts so far!

Again, here's a breakdown by post of which particular post had the most views. Paris... What a horrible city... At least, with the fiasco that was the crashing of Firefox and the loss of one of my longest posts so far, it was a close second with 46 page views.

Here's where I got really interested. This page shows you how everyone is finding your page. Obviously, since I post reminders to Facebook, that's the most used linking place, but since I have images on my blog, when people search for images on Google, they find my blog as a source. Also, notice that I have been lacking on sources for my images, I swear it has just slipped my mind. I have gone back and added links to the locations where I found images in past posts but I still have some work to do.

Here, on the "Audience" tab, you can see where my blog is being viewed from. Obviously the U.S. and Germany are the top two, but Russia and Brazil? I don't even know anyone from those places that would a) read my blog or b) know about me keeping a blog. It also shows what platform a person is using, be it a Mac, a PC, or a cellphone as well as the browser it's viewed in.

Just thought I'd share this tidbit. 

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