Sunday, July 29, 2012

Libori.. The Beginning.


Libori began on Friday night so I very much wanted to go out into the city, the downpour of rain didn't help my case though. I wound up staying in my room, watching the Goofy movies. Don't get me wrong, it was a ton of fun, but I wanted to see the carnival lights and experience the atmosphere.

Finally, around 10 PM, the rain let up enough that I decided to check out the city but of course, it began to rain again when I was on my bike into town. Surprisingly, it was really bright outside at 10 PM. I got into the city, locked up my bike, and walked around. Sadly, everything was closed and there was nearly no one in the city because of the rain. Man.

While in town, I decided to buy some beer and dinner because there are a few stores that are pretty much always open. I think all they sell is beer and smokes but when it's 1 AM, isn't that all you need..? Wait, no, no it's not.

As soon as I got back to my bike and I was ready to hop on and ride home, it began a torrential downpour. Just my luck. I ducked under an awning and waited it out. Once it was thin enough that I could see 10 feet in front of me, I jumped on the bike and made my way home.
The always adorable, and always
trouble, Rylan. Just look at that face.

I would up on Skype with my brother later that night and it was really good to see him. I miss my family a lot and the fact that my brother has two amazing children isn't helping much. Skype can only do so much, but at least it's something. We talked until about 1 AM my time and I finally went to bed.


I got out of bed around 8 or 9 AM to take on the day but wound up back in bed until about 11 AM. I went and began my laundry and both the washer and dryer were free, score! I washed my clothes but when I went back to use the dryer, it was full..? Like someone skipped the washing all together and just dried their clothes.. Weird. While I was waiting for the dryer, I ran into the Irish guy, Padraic and he invited me to go into the city for the open ceremonies for Libori.
Around 3:40 PM, we met up and it was only him and I that went into the city. We bought beer steins for 6 euros each and with the mug, we got three free refills from the "beer fountain" in the city. Sweet. A souvenir and beer! 

Yup, that's my stein with an MTU lanyard
on it so I could tell it was mine.
We met up with some other friends from the B.I.B. in the Cafe Bär-Celona and waited for the beer fountain to open at 4:30 PM. We got in line and I even met a woman from Rochester, NY who is married to a man from Paderborn and they visit for the festival every year.

After an hour in line, playing 20 questions to get to know each other better, we finally got our beers and decided to wander town to see what else we could find.

Part of Petite Paris

We found some more friends from the B.I.B. and together we wandered the town to find "Petite Paris" and the carnival game area. Gosh, this whole festival is a bigger deal than everyone was even making it out to be. And that's saying something.

We found the Ferris Wheel and the rides but it cost 4 euros to go on the Ferris Wheel and no one wanted to go with me, so maybe that's something for another day.

Some of the girls we were with went on another ride so I went with one of the guys to buy some sweets. I got a chocolate covered banana and a chocolate covered chili pepper. They were both really good. The chili pepper was interesting since it was hot and sweet, nearly the perfect combination.

Padraic had invited me to see the new Batman movie later with some friends so we went back and he even cooked me dinner. What a nice guy!

We had spinach, kidney beans, and chicken. Sounds weird but it was delicious! We even got to make a dessert. We didn't eat it though, it was for a party on Sunday he was going to, but it was still fun, a guy who cooks is a good thing. We made eton mess which is really just heavy cream whipped with strawberries, raspberries, and we threw in broke up macaroons. A bit jealous of it, it looked so yummy!

We went to the movie, and it was great! Nice seeing something American! When we got home, it was about 20 after 1 AM and we went to our rooms then stayed up until 3:30 AM talking on Facebook. Gosh, what's happening here? 


I got out of bed as 9 AM, like usual.. I need to work on this whole sleeping issue I have.. I had a yogurt for breakfast and headed out for an adventure. I decided to go for a bike ride around the Padersee then I went into the city.

It's weird, the town's usually dead on a Sunday but today there were people everywhere. I parked my bike and set out on foot. I got to see more of the festival and even found a market selling everything from food to kitchen supplies to underwear. I mean, this place had everything. I spent more than two hours walking through the market and I even bought a new wallet that's a lot smaller than my usual one. It fits better in my new purse.

Also while I was out I found this organ thing that played music and have figures moving. Here's a short video of it:

I was getting hungry by this time and I would up going back to where the carnival games were and I bought a gyro for lunch / dinner, walked around more and come home. Overall a good day, and hey, it was even sunny! Now that I'm done writing, I think it's time to get back out for another bike ride!
The large heart shaped cookies are called "Lebkuchen" sort of like gingerbread and they're really popular at all festivals
in Germany. If you don't see them, it's not a true German festival.
Tons of people in Paderborn!
Beginning of the market.. In front of the cathedral.

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