Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Woah, a Mid-Week Post?!


Well, we all know what I have to say about work, I really didn't do much. I finally finished the presentation for Dominik and then, since no one had work for me to do, I started working on a Microsoft Word document to detail all the work I have been doing here so far. I didn't realize it, but I've actually done quite a bit. I mean, yeah, some of the projects I have done are total busy work, but I looking at it all again, I feel like I'm actually helping the company with my presence.

Who would have thought? Right?!

I thought I'd share the information with you guys too so I didn't feel completely worthless.

I apologize for image quality as these are only screenshots of the Microsoft Word document. BUT, I have nearly 6 pages of things I have done in the past (nearly) three months!

After work, I went into the city to get some shopping done and it was a beautiful day. I took the long way around and took my good time coming home, honestly, I think I got a bit of color from sun! I don't think it's been this sunny and warm in about a month. Sadly, once I got home I wound up going to bed around 7 PM. Maybe I'm getting sick, I can't sleep enough. I really hope I'm not though. This isn't like me though, I usually don't sleep much and now I can't get enough. Maybe it's the weather?


Wednesday at work wasn't too busy and I didn't get much work to do. I filed some papers in the shared drive and organized some Excel Spreadsheets but, it wasn't much. Around 11 AM, Katharina told me that they would have work for me to do later. That's great, and all, but... What do I do until then..?

Stay Tuned... (Yeah, that's right, I wrote a blog post while at work... Again...)

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