Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Only two more days 'till the weekend... Can't time move faster?

The doctor I saw for my knee.
Sorry it's taken me so long to get back to this, I haven't been feeling too well these past few days and I'm finally beginning to feel a bit better. I have three whole days to cover now though, uhg!

Monday was a big day for me since I had another doctor's appointment. I got a late appointment at the doctor's, 5:45 PM, and I stayed at work until 5 PM. What a long day. I had to do a follow up with doctor number two after the MRI and basically, he said this:

"The swelling is going down, which is good."
"There's nothing we can do now and the ACL looks to be intact, albeit a bit stretched."
"Do some "Phisio" (Physical Therapy) that will be really expensive and come back here if you're still not feeling better in a few months"
"There's nothing we can do now."
"We can only do so many tests on the knee and sometimes it feels loose and the person feels fine with it. We don't do anything. Other times, it feels fine but the person doesn't think it feels stable. We need a solution."
"There's nothing we can do now."
"French physicians are really great, but they can't explain anything at conferences. They're the stupid ones who don't speak English."
"There's nothing we can do now."
Physical therapy knee exercises.
And yes, he really did say that about the French. He recommended a physical therapist in Paderborn that speaks English. The only one that is. I guess it makes more sense for me to explain things in English. Now it's up to me if I want or need Physical Therapy again or if I just live with it. As of now, though, it's feeling pretty good. Maybe I'll wait it out.

Tuesday was uneventful since all I did was go to work, do nothing but read articles from assorted newspapers, come home and go to bed. I still don't feel too well but I think that the extra sleep is helping some. 

We also have a new intern in the marketing department. He's a young guy, maybe 18, maybe. He's only here for two weeks for his summer vacation. It's a bit disappointing though, since he's around, everyone in the office has changed. It's like they're colder all the sudden. I mean, they're still polite, but they don't ask me to go to lunch with them (maybe for fear of having him tag along..?) and everyone kind of does their own thing.

I was upset on Monday though because he got work to do on his first day. A big project that should take him two weeks to complete. Where's mine?

Today I'm feeling slightly better, as I said, but my throat still hurts a lot and I have a constant headache. This will be a short post. But today at work, I got more to do, not much mind you, but it's something. Mostly it was busy work, transcribing information from visit reports and making a new Excel spreadsheet (the Germans say "Excel" like axle.) At least I didn't have to waste my whole day trying to find something new on the internet to do that was "work appropriate." 

RIP Bike
On my ride home from work, I left around 3:30, the pedal of my bike on the left side, just completely fell off, like the pedal and the arm attaching it to the gears. Like it was there on the bike, and then it was on the ground. Great. I found a rock and tried to pound it back on but after a few cycles, it was falling off again. Not too sure what to do about it. Guess I'm walking everywhere again. Back to square one.

On the bright side, I got a package today! (No mom, the one from you still hasn't arrived.) It was from Andrew (the same one I was on Skype this past weekend and included in the posts.) He made me two mix CDs, quite the mix too, these songs don't flow at all haha! He also made me a duck from Starburst wrappers, long story from our first summer as friends there, and a Lake Superior stone that he found. Another long story behind the stone, but maybe that's for a different day. I think I'm going to bed now, feeling worse by the minute.

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