Monday, June 18, 2012

EM, Round Three, and Some Boring Work Stuff

I spent most of Sunday reading, writing, and lounging in bed but I went into the city for lunch. Ok, it's wasn't really lunch but I needed something greasy in my belly to soak up that, "oh god, what did I do last night" feeling. I went to a McDonald's and ordered some fries, a burger, and a coke. Seriously overpriced, I paid more than 6 euros for just that. Then their advertising tried to convince me to go back for dessert. Heck no!

I went back to the apartment and just wanted to sleep but there was an EM game on at 8:45 PM and Germany was playing. I had to watch! At first, my plan was to go into the city for public viewing but once it came time to leave, I had no motivation to go into the city and drag myself back so late at night. I stayed in instead and read some more but I looked online and found a website streaming the games.

Of course, Germany won, 2-1 against Denmark. Decent game too, well, it wasn't that close of a match but then again, Germany has won their two prior games too. Now it's getting to be time for finals. Next weekend begins with the Quarter Finals on Thursday through Sunday. I'm not sure when exactly Germany will play because it hasn't been announced yet but I plan to see at least the finals in public viewing. It's decided. Even if I need to be there at 6 PM when the game doesn't start until 8:45 PM.

Sunday was a boring day, not quite a hung over day but an I-lack-all-types-of-motivation day. Though, I did nearly die of a heart attack. While reading in bed early in the day, I heard a loud thud, looking up right as a huge bird slammed it's whole body into the window. Don't believe me? Here's the proof it left on my window before recovering and flying off. Huge white outline which is weird, the bird wasn't white at all. It's wing span seemed to be somewhere between 1 1/2 and 3 feet too.
This morning, waking up wasn't too hard considering I finally fell asleep around 11:45 PM, and the bike ride to work wasn't bad either. My knee is even feeling better! But, of course, I was the first person at work and even when my boss and co-workers showed up they had no work for me to do. Okay, this is getting a bit ridiculous. I know I shouldn't complain because I'm getting paid to be online and all that but it can be quite boring. The internet only has so much to see (without installing StumbleUpon on my work laptop.) I don't blame my boss for not having work for me but it makes my days so much longer, in a bad way.

I talked to Maucus the other day about this topic, he's the Swedish one, and he said he had the same problem for his first while here too. He suggested that I ask around for work to do and I explained that I have been. In Germany, privacy isn't the only thing they cherish. Hierarchy in the business place is VERY important. Not only is your bosses office often closed, it is considered and insult to go above your boss for anything (I think even if you wanted to find the bathroom and your bosses boss was the only one there, you'd probably have to pee yourself.) We discussed the German pride in work they have done and how it is hard for a German person to give up their hard work, it's their baby, and no, you can't touch it!
If in Germany your boss tells you did great work, you're in for a promotion.
If in the US your boss doesn't tell you did great work for one day, you'd better start looking for a new job.
It may be a little exaggerated, but it also sheds light on the value of sincerity vs. politeness in Germany and the US. Many Germans consider Americans as less sincere because they keep telling people they don't like how great they did and how nice they are, while Americans consider Germans as not polite and discouraging because they don't tell them they did great. I think both points of view have merit, though being an American, I have grown up preferring constant compliments.

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