Sunday, June 24, 2012

I'm Never Drinking Again.. Ok, Maybe Just One..

OK, so Saturday I got out of bed at about 9 AM, feeling pretty good for how much I drank the night before and I just sort of hung out in my room for a few hours. I then went into the city and checked out the festival again but nothing had changed and town was the same too. I came back home and just sort of wasted some time on Tumblr and Facebook. I even got to talk to Andrew, a friend from Houghton on Skype in the early afternoon. We had an animated conversation about Thermodynamics, OK, no I'm kidding. 

We've gotten into this habit of recalling our weird dreams to each other and Skype is the best way to do this. I share my stories from the night before and he told me all about his dream from the night before, his always involve the ME-EM, I think this is weird and he spends too much time there, but whatever. We discussed the video blog idea and I was super excited to try it, as you can tell from today's earlier post, it didn't work out too well for me.

After we talked for an hour or so, I decided to go into town to buy hair dye. I need a change. I grabbed my bike and was getting ready to go and Marc was leaving too. We talked for a few minutes and he was headed into town too, to get a haircut I believe. We rode together into town and parted ways near the city center. I went to Rossmann's and bought some red-ish / brown hair dye and thought that going back to my room sounded lame so I wandered town a bit. Nothing too exciting. Though, I keep finding new things like this "couch" thing. It's a mosaic and it's in a square by itself and I can't fathom why it was there. It did remind me of South Street in Philly though.

Also, speaking of weird things to find in town. This guy. He was painted all silver and he was standing in the middle of like a bathtub thing and he had hoses all over I guess. He was a human fountain and he would just spray people walking by. It was funny but a bit scary too. And now that I look at this picture, it is of horrible quality. Oh well, what can I do now?

I came back to the apartment and dyed my hair. Unfortunately, I read the directions wrong and dyed it wrong. German directions didn't help. I mean, in the US we have like 5 languages on out hair dye but here, only one. It's OK though, I got it all worked out and I think it turned out pretty good! Not that you can really even see a difference in this picture. It's darker though.

I took a nap after dying my hair though, not the best idea. No nothing happened with dye on the sheets or anything, but I fell asleep at 6 PM and didn't wake up until 10 PM. I needed the sleep but it meant that I missed my invitation to go out with Katrina in the city. I had four messages and a missed call from her inviting me to go out and I had to tell her at 10 PM (when she called and such around 6:45 PM) that I couldn't go. Bummer.

It stays light here until maybe 10 or 11 PM so it was still quite light out and I decided to go for a walk. Oddly, when I was on my way down the stairs, I was stopped by one of the Egyptian guys and asked to join in the party upstairs.

  Also, this song is probably the most popular, over played, music in 
Germany right now. That, along with "Call Me Maybe."  I heard
both songs more than ten times last night.

I saw a few familiar faces but names are gone (don't think I ever really learned them.. Oops..) Of course, everyone was drinking up on the patio above my room and I was offered my choice of different alcohols and beers. I said no thanks, I didn't want to drink because of the previous night. And half an hour later I had a drink in my hand. Vodka, vodka, and more vodka. That was the night. Around 1:30 AM, I said my goodbyes and was going to go to bed but a few new "friends", yup more boys (living in Germany has made me a heart breaker), insisted I stay for a while longer. I had one more drink, some strawberry flavored vodka, like drinking strawberry syrup (yuck, sweet and heavy) and maybe half way through the drink, I snuck over to the  edge of the patio and "accidentally" dumped my cup over the edge. Sorry.

Again, I said my goodbyes and was kept in a conversation with some of the German boys I had met. The Colombian guy just wouldn't give it a rest (you don't even want the details.) And, at 4 AM, I finally made it back to my room and into bed. I was not drunk, and very happy for that fact.

Got up again on Sunday around 9 AM and around 10 AM my dad was on Skype. Seriously? It's like 4 AM in the US then. It was nice though because we got to talk for a bit and it's always nice to see a familiar face. 

I actually remembered another dream too! Though this one could have been in German or English or Lithuanian for all I know here it is:

Dream last night was AWESOME!

It was almost a re-run of the previous night's activities, lots of Spanish dancing and lots of people. But in the middle of the party, some guy shows up with a delivery for me. (Like middle of the night UPS delivery or something.)

He hands me this box and it's white with like paint splashes of all different colors on it. I take it to my room to open it and it's full of toys from the 90's and 80's. Like tamagotchi's and G.I. Joe action figures and Barbie's and Rock 'em Sock 'em Robots. It was epic. I said screw the party and just stayed in my room playing with all the toys. I think I assumed in my dream that my parents sent it but the box had no name or address on it.

After a quick shower and getting ready for the day, I went into town again. Still, the festival was going on but I opted for a pretzel with mozzarella, tomato, and arugula from a bakery in town. Nothing at all is open on Sunday's in Germany except the churches and you can't really be touristy on a Sunday in churches so I just found a nice place to sit and read a book. Didn't last long though because it began to pour down rain. I should be used to it, by now, seeing as it rains nearly every day, but it's still annoying.

Today turned into a stay inside, boring day, but hopefully I get to spend more time on Skype with my mommy soon!

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