Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Work, GEMA!, Packing..

Today at work was a bit more productive, I worked more on my presentation and my boss told me that I would be presenting it. Crap, I wasn't banking on that. I showed him the work I had done and he gave me some feedback on it. It was a lot longer than he had planned. I removed maybe 6 or 8 of the 30 slides and he was happy. I also looked into more information on a few companies to add to some slides. He's happy with it and I printed a copy to practice with tonight at home. Man, I kind of really hate public speaking. Especially since I don't know these people at all. I need to refresh more tonight. Good thing it's only 7 PM!

At lunch, the whole marketing department (minus three people) went to "their" restaurant for lunch. We ate at the Schloß Cafe and when we arrived, everything was ready. We ate sandwiches, open face, like the Germans do. We ordered drinks and though nearly everyone ordered a beer, I stuck with a coke. I don't want to mix alcohol and work, not that anyone was getting drunk by any means, but still. Call it a personal preference.

Lunch was delicious and I was told we were going out to celebrate the move.  Apparently a few times a year, they go out to celebrate like this. I was expecting to split the bill equally but nope, the boss man paid. How nice! We spent about an hour just eating and chatting and drinking then headed back to work. The restaurant is right around the corner from work, further now that we moved offices though.

In the afternoon, I went back to work on the presentation and finished up. Before I left, I printed some stuff for my trip to Paris tomorrow. Gah! I'm so excited. Hopefully the transfer in Brussels goes seamlessly unlike the last time though! (Mom and Dad should understand.)

I got home from work around 3:30 PM and checked out the internet for a while, responded to a few e-mails and such. Internet access is not overrated. I swear, I nearly died without it for the first week and a half or two weeks I was here. It felt like years! I tried packing my bag for tomorrow but I got sucked into YouTube and started watching videos. Eventually I got mad trying to find music videos that I was allowed to watch.  

"The Society for Musical Performing and Mechanical Reproduction Rights (GEMA) is a performing rights society that represents in Germany (DGs Berlin and Munich), the rights of the copyright of those composers, lyricists and publishers of musical works, which are organized as a member of it." (Wikipedia.de)

GEMA! I hate this society / law / bull crap! I mean, just look at this logo!

Finally, I gave up on the videos and started packing. And I was done. Hmm, guess I can fit everything in one bag, ready to go! I decided to play dress up to see what I will wear to work tomorrow for my presentation. It gets annoying to not have a full length mirror here, how do I know how sexy I look? I put on my heels and waked down to Marc's room and knocked. He answered and eyed me speculatively. "What's up?" he asked. I explained that I didn't have a mirror and I asked if I could use his, of course he'll let me. I come in and as I walk to the mirror, he eyes me. I can't place the look, but I do think this boy was checking me out! I shook it off, told him thank you for the use of his mirror and left. As I was leaving, I told him to have a good weekend and he asked where I was going. Paris, duh, we talked about this this weekend. Without me asking, he tells me where he's going but, honestly, I wasn't listening. Oops!

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