Monday, June 4, 2012

Big, Little Move

Last summer I worked for Benteler Automotive in Auburn Hills, MI and I learned a lot but when I asked them to send me to Germany, there was no question that they were not going to send me. I sent my resume to multiple companies and decided to try my luck with Benteler Steel and Tube. Luckily, they said yes! Sweet. I'm sure you all knew that already though. But there WAS a reason for this short story. Last summer, Benteler Automotive moved the N.A.O. Headquarters, same town, different building. Surprisingly, while I'm here, my department is moving too. We'll be in the same town, same campus even, just a different building. Last week, we packed all our things into boxes and over the weekend, movers moved our things. 

They had all weekend to move everything, set up the new desks, and get out. Not surprisingly, however, they were not done this morning. We, yeah, all of us in the department, spent most of the morning just sitting around cracking jokes. We were unable to work because of the mess, boxes everywhere, guys installing the automatic window shades, windows all open letting in the cold breeze, and no heat working. All things considered, not the worst day ever. Finally around 11:30 AM, we got back to work and I finalized the presentation I've been working on. 


Not doing anything can actually be quite tiring, and around 3:30 PM, I left work. I decided to make something good for dinner. I went to the grocery store, a REWE in Schloß Neuhaus. I bought some sausages; green, red, and orange peppers; shallots; and a few beers (of course.) On my way back toward town, I stopped at the bank. Since I'll be going to Paris this coming weekend, I needed cash. I haven't used the ATMs here yet, so I was nervous about it. Once I went in, I found out that on the main screen, you need to choose your language first. Sweet! That makes things a ton easier! I left the bank and I saw a store I hadn't been in and stopped to look. I found a carpet that looked cool and it only cost me 2 euros! Awesome!

Since this IS Paderborn, when I left the store, it started pouring. Great. At first I walked the bike toward the apartment, trying to find dry spots everywhere. Hmm, this is pointless. I'm already soaked. Let's make this fun! I hopped on the bike and peddled as fast as I could. Finally, after one of the most exhilarating rides I've had here so far, I was home and I squished and squashed inside and up to my room. EVERYTHING was drenched. I quickly changed into some comfy pajamas and headed to the kitchen to make dinner. Let me remind you that I have a limited kitchen and utensils. I haven't made many real "meals" here yet. Hell, I think this was the first one!

I sliced potatoes, shallots, and a red pepper. Threw them in a pot with some EVOO (extra virgin olive oil) and allowed it to simmer in the pot for a while. I grabbed my iPod and began rocking out to the music as I waited. Stirring the pot every few minutes. I like to sing to myself, and I think I was singing a bit loud, given my good mood, and when I turned to the door, I had an audience. Wow. Um, yeah, hi! Everyone just smiled and went back to their business, a few putting things in the fridge and others just going back to their rooms. Finally, I cut up the sausage and added it to my hash mixture. Mmm, it smelled delicious in the kitchen. I took it back to my room and ate. I made WAY too much though and luckily, I bought some Tupperware a few days, or weeks, ago and closed up the rest to save for later. You guys are lucky I'm not one of those people who takes pictures of every meal. You know them, the "real" tourists. Doesn't it look delicious though?

Yesterday it rained all day and this afternoon the same. Sometimes it's relaxing but today it's depressing. And cold too, total blanket and book weather.

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