Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Wisking Myself Away to Paris

The excitement is getting to me, the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre, gah! I can't wait until tomorrow morning! But, I must. Just think, in nearly only hours, I could be taking photos like this! I want to do so much exploring there and I think this summer is the perfect time for that. I think that I could spend a week in the Musee du Louvre & never leave. Since I'm going during the summer of 2012, I can't skip this! The St. Ann exhibit, many great DaVinci works, The Venus de Milo, Winged Victory & Michelangelo's slaves. Can someone pinch me?!

Sadly, I have to work today and I don't really have anything to do. My presentation is finished and already this morning, I have gone through it twice! How many times do I need to practice it? I think I know what to say but knowing me, I'll still slip in the occasional "um", "but", or "so" ... I'm such a talkative person but when it comes to speaking in front of a group, I tense, I'm nervous ... and so on. At least it's not so bad that I throw up, that would be horrible. After I'm finished, I know I'll feel fine and I know I'll do great. What a good way to leave off for the weekend?

My train leaves Paderborn Hbf at 6:21 PM and I have a few switches in Hamm (Westf), Aachen Hbf, Liege Guillemins, Bruxelles-Midi, and finally arrive at Paris Nord at/around 7:59 AM. It'll be a long night on the train but hopefully I can catch a few minutes, or hopefully hours of sleep. Once I arrive in Paris I will need to check into my Hotel / Hostel and then pick up my Paris Pass. A Paris Pass is pretty cool, it gives me access to:
Included in your Paris Pass package is:
  • Paris Museum Pass – free entrance to over 55 of Paris’ world famous museums and monuments.
  • Paris Attractions Pass – free entry to Paris’ best attractions including a Seine River Cruise, Musée Grévin, Tour Montparnasse and even a Wine Tasting experience!
  • Paris Visite Pass – free unlimited travel on the metro, buses and RER within central Paris.
  • Paris Bus Tour - Free Les Cars Rouge hop-on-hop-off bus tour of Paris, every Paris Pass comes with an unlimited use ticket valid for 2 consecutive days.
  • 120+ page Guidebook – a detailed guide to all of the sights and landmarks in Paris including a map and directions as well as loads of helpful tips and hints.
  • Special Offers – exclusive offers at shops and restaurants in central Paris.
Plus no waiting in line! I don't even know where to start on Thursday, maybe hours in the Louvre, maybe a bus tour..? Definitely taking a TON of pictures.

Anyways, back to the here and now, I was just staring at the computer screen and realized that the temperatures in Paderborn, Houghton, and Milford were nearly all the same. Crazy since the time of day is so different here. Only a 1 degree difference in temperature, with a 6 hour time difference.
"Why can't America just use Celsius, it’s so much easier to spell than Feiehreirheineiheit"

"Because Fahrenheit starts with an F for FREEDOM, not a C for COMMUNISM"
I probably won't have time tonight to write more, so this is the last post from me until maybe Sunday or Monday but be sure I'll have a ton then. If I get time, I may post photos when I'm in Paris, or a short post, who knows.

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